Thule Sun Blocker G2 Side Wall

SKU: 05300020011000
By Thule

Backwall mounting height
Awning projection

Side privacy panel for Thule awnings to let the breeze in while keeping the sun out.

  • Available for different awnings, depending on projection and mounting height
  • The end panel slides into the easy to install aluminium rafter between awning box and lead rail
  • End panel can be installed on both sides of the awning
  • Many possibilities to combine other panels
  • Possibility to combine a panel with the Thule QuickFit or Thule EasyLink tent
  • Made of Micro-aired screen fabric, a transparent and light screen fabric
  • Fits Thule Omnistor 1200, 5200, 5102, 4900, 5003, 8000, 6002, 6200, 6900, 9200
  • Mounting heights from 2.05m - 2.64m
  • Mounting heights are measured from the backside of the panel
  • Weight from 2.7kg