Door Mats - Experience the ultimate in comfort while caravanning & camping with Affordable Camping Mats! These mats are ethically manufactured from recycled polypropylene so you can rest easy knowing you’re choosing a ‘feel-good’ mat that is eco-friendly, saving plastic from going into landfill.

These portable, sturdy, & easy to clean mats are designed for the entryway to your caravan, RV, motorhome or tent, measuring at 600x900mm 

All mats are non-slip and not only do they keep the space free from dirt, but also protect the grass & ground beneath with its unique tight weave design that allows for air circulation.

XT Outdoor Camping Mats
- Ditch the dirt with Xtend Outdoors’ popular range of XT Mats. These durable and versatile mats are specially designed for all areas of your caravan or around your campsite. Made of premium synthetic grass, they are both waterproof and weather resistant making them ideal for outdoor use.