With a passion for the outdoors, Affordable Camping Mats brings you a range of outdoor matting solutions, perfect for your next outdoor adventure! Our customers absolutely love our outdoor mats, and we give you ultimate peace of mind with our 3-year warranty. All our outdoor rugs and plastic mats have the highest quality control, feature innovative technology and first-class production. Lightweight, strong, low maintenance, easy to clean, professionally finished and durable for long lasting use. The Poly mats are tried and tested in the harshest conditions to ensure their quality.

Shop our range of environmentally sustainable recycled plastic outdoor mats today! Produced and made from recycled material which are plastic products that are made from polypropylene, such as food containers, shopping bags and discarded bottles. These materials were previously destined for landfill, so this is a great eco-friendly option for those who are environmentally conscious, helping to reduce our carbon footprint. As they are made from recycled plastic, these outdoor rugs are weather-proof and UV, stain, mould, and mildew resistant which makes them perfect for any outdoor space.Our recycled plastic mats are the best in Australia, UV stabilised and built to last. Our recycled mats are a highly versatile product which can be used for a variety of purposes. We have sizes to suit all set ups and uses from a small sized outdoor mat for your picnic or gazebo, an outdoor rug at your sporting event or barbeque, to an extra-large size for your caravan annex or outdoor living entertaining area. The smaller sizes prove ideal as a beach mat, whilst other customers love the extra-large recycled plastic mats for camping as they are easy to store in your caravan or vehicle.Adding an outdoor mat to your outside space is a great way to make your patio, balcony, garden, or entertaining area feel more homely and inviting. You get a cosy surface for bare feet, as well as adding colour to your décor, and you won’t have to worry about it getting ruined if you leave it outside. Our recycled plastic outdoor mats offer the ideal aesthetics, versatility, and functionality you need to tie any space together. Affordable Camping Mats provides durable and affordable recycled outdoor mats for any purpose, woven from premium quality recycled polypropylene material.