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Caravan Privacy Screens

Our caravan privacy screens, also known as shade walls, keep out prying eyes, provide shade against the harsh sun while still allowing ventilation and airflow. They also help reduce gusts of wind and even minimise rain access. These popular caravan accessories are easy to use and gives you the ability to add privacy anytime during your stay, making for an all-round better caravanning experience. Caravan shade walls are simple to install, even inexperienced campers can set them up in no more than a few minutes. This means more time to relax and enjoy your time camping.

Gone are the days of needing a bulky, expensive, and difficult setup annexe. Our Caravan Privacy Screens are compact, lightweight and are quick to install and pack down. They supply protection from the weather without imposing an enclosed feeling like a solid annexe.

Some of the advantages of Privacy Screens are:

  • Increase your comfort level in all conditions
  • Add privacy to your outdoor living space
  • Block out protection from UV and harsh weather
  • Reduces temperature under your awning
  • Easy to setup and pack down
  • Quick solution to create a private living space without having to purchase as entire annexe

Whether you are looking for a caravan privacy screen that comes with warranty, is waterproof, UV protected, has a high-shade rating, or all the above, Affordable Camping Mats has you covered with a large range of quality caravan shade screens to choose from.