Recycled Camping Mats

Designed for Comfort & Performance

Easy to clean

Lightweight & Durable

Recycled Poly Mats

All of our mats are finished off with strong eyelets for pegging down to allow you to set up camp safely. The high quality of the mats is backed by a 3-year warranty. With a large variety of designs, prints and colours to choose from you will find the perfect mat for your setup.

Lounge in confidence & style

Packed with features including lightweight, strong, and durable while also being effortlessly maintainable with a simple sweep or rinse down with hose. Constructed from anti-slip materials, these mats perform effectively in both wet and dry conditions, remaining friendly to grass and causing no harm to the underlying turf when left in place for a few days. They also feature UV resistance, reducing the risk of design fading. Crafted from repurposed and recycled materials, our mats showcase an eco-conscious approach, turning discarded items into the high-quality products you see today

Gentle on Grass

Our mats won't kill the grass, designed to keep grass beneath healthy thanks to our special weave allowing the grass to breathe while keeping moisture in. You will notice slight discolouration to grass as seen in image above showing difference after 9 days of use.


Designed specifically with an open weave to allow sand to effortlessly sift through while preventing it from rising when seated or stepped on in sandy environments. Helps to keep the surface clean while still providing a comfortable area to sit or lie on.

Water Friendly

Quick drying, non-slip and water resistant. Simply hose mats down and then leave to dry. Our recycled plastic outdoor rugs can be left outside and withstand adverse weather conditions due to the durable material and high-end production and manufacturing.

Designed for comfort & performance

Based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Affordable Camping Mat is dedicated to delivering premium-grade mats that are designed for any outdoor situation. Whether your caravanning, camping, at the beach or having a picnic, we offer a comprehensive range of matting solutions that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

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