Ezy Anchor Caravan Starter Pack

SKU: 266607006

The Caravan Starter Pack is designed for Caravaners to use in hard red and gravelly dirt of the Outback and also sandy loam soils.

These packs have been determined by months of testing and research throughout Central and Outback Australia, in various terrains.

The Ezy Anchors are made from durable recyclable plastic with the screw pegs being positioned at an approximate 30 degree angle. This provides greater resistance in the ground when under load, whilst the signature Ezy Anchor hook shape stops guy lines being released in any weather conditions.

  • Made from durable recyclable plastic
  • Suitable for hard terrain, dirt and sandy loam soils
  • Withstands majority of environments and weather conditions
  • Provides greater resistance in the ground when under load
  • Signature Ezy Anchor hook shape stops guy lines being released
  • Colour allows visibility both in daylight and at night
  • Rounded surfaces and countersunk screw peg washer heads for added safety
  • Extremely quick set up and pack down time with the use of a cordless drill or impact driver
  • 8 x Ezy Anchors
  • 4 x Coastal pegs at 280mm long
  • 4 x Outback pegs at 200mm long
  • 1 x Torx T50 Driver
  • 1 x Torx T50 Manual removal L key
  • 2 x Caravan Double Guy Ropes with Velcro straps, stainless clips, trace springs, cleats and reflective double braided polyester rope
  • 1 x Ezy Anchor Canvas tent peg bag with zip pocket


  1. Take your cordless drill or impact driver
  2. Connect the Torx driver bit to the drill/driver & secure in the chuck
  3. Pick up your Ezy Anchor with screw in position through the Ezy Anchor
  4. Connect your guy rope to the hook
  5. Hold the guy rope & hook together with your guiding hand
  6. Pick up the drill & driver in your driving hand
  7. Insert the Torx driver into the head of the screw
  8. Place drill in forward drilling position
  9. Commence drilling the screw downward into the earth keeping the Ezy Anchor parallel to the earth so the screw penetrates at its set angle
  10. Installation complete

Should you strike a solid object whilst installing the screw, remove & reposition the screw to another position close to or adjacent to the original required position.


  1. With your drill in hand & Torx driver bit connected & secured within your drill chuck connect the Torx bit driver to the screw head.
  2. Hold the hook and guy rope in one hand, place drill in reverse & screw out.
  3. Removal complete