Sunblocker Walls & Flooring Bundle - Grey

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Long Side Wall Size

Enhance your set up with the Aussie Traveller Sunblocker Walls & Flooring Bundle. Packed full of accessories, this essential kit will allow you to transform your outdoor living space into a cosy retreat.

Create extra shade under your awning with the Sunblocker Walls. These walls will protect you from the harsh Aussie sun, as well as act a ventilated partition. Perfect for busy campgrounds providing a barrier between you and your neighbours, while keeping your campsite cool and protected. Made of exceptionally strong Textiline® fabric, these Sunblocker Walls reduce the temperature beneath your awning, plus provide UV protection and 64% light reduction.

Our Floor Matting will take your set up to the next level, designed to keep dirt and sand out of your caravan. This non-slip, lightweight and breathable matting will ensure your campsite is safe and easy to walk over without damaging the ground beneath. Featuring hemmed edges and eyelets, our matting is the perfect addition to creating a more comfortable and liveable space with a soft underfoot feel.

To complete your set up, use the included Screw In Pegs and Bungee Cords to secure down your walls and flooring.

This bundle includes:

See specifications tab below for sizing & more information.

  • Sunblockers are made of strong & durable outdoor Textilene fabric, offering cool ventilation, 64% light reduction, plus UV proof
  • Floor Matting is made of breathable fabric and features hemmed reinforced edges, eyelets & UV stabilised
  • Screw In Pegs measure 200mm in length, includes drill bit, and are perfect for securing down flooring, walls, tents & awnings
  • Ball & Bungee Cords are 150mm long and are ideal for tensioning walls and keeping other camping accessories organised

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Sunblocker Long Side Wall

  • Select the wall length required to suit your awning length
  • Length: Available in 2.75 - 5.80m
  • Height: 1950mm
  • Spline to top edge: 6mm
  • Spline on top edge for Cassette awnings: 4mm
  • In addition to the Cassette Awning wall options, sizes 3.96m (14') and 4.88m (17') are also suitable for use on most Cassettes Awning brands.

Sunblocker Caravan End Walls

  • End Walls included in bundle not suitable for Pop-Top Caravans
  • Height at front end: 1950mm
  • Height at caravan end: 2400mm
  • Width: 2300mm
  • Standard Spline: 6mm 

Floor Matting

  • Floor Matting included in the bundle will match the size of the Long Side Wall chosen
  • 3.0m x 2.5m - 2.5kg
  • 4.5m x 2.5m - 3.6kg
  • 5.0m x 2.5m - 3.9kg
  • 6.0m x 2.5m - 4.5kg

Screw In Pegs

  • 15 Screw in pegs per kit
  • Each kit includes a 13mm Hex Adaptor Drill Socket
  • Dimensions of storage case (L x W x H): 255 x 205 x 430mm

Ball & Bungee Cords

  • 10 per pack